Date Line - 10/31/15

I've decided to share with you a funny experience at my most recent auction.  I am not an experienced "auctionee", but consider myself more experienced than some people I've encountered at these auctions.  Well - I proved myself wrong the other day.  Up for bid were 3 "Texaco" model airplanes.  After the auctioneer called for bids on choice and one of the 3 was selected, then he said he was selling both at the same time.   I was only interested in the one and not the other.  Well, like an idiot (which I didn't think I was) I told the auctioneer that I wanted only the one plane - he looked at me - not so much shocked or surprised, but now I know dumbfounded that I won the bid of two planes and I only wanted one. He said okay, that he wouldn't argue with a women.  I got the plane I wanted, he opened the bid on the other plane, which went for 5 dollars less than my winning bid on the plane I got.   I did not feel, at that time, the error and total stupidity of this move. It was not until much later, as I was alone, driving my truck down the dark highway toward home, that I realized what an idiotic move that was.   I could have got the two planes for "one money" and sold the plane I didn't want - DUH!  I've got over kicking myself in the butt and have chalked it up to a "learning" experience.  Actually, I'm going to blame it on the new meds I'm taking.

It happened, in real life